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Welcome to ‘Insight Bumble’ by Rupesh Patel aka @insightbumble, where you will find my latest articles.

The aim of these articles is to illustrate what topics that are important to client-siders and write article that are a little different (less geek more fun) but spark debate.

The insight industry is being valued more and more by organisations across the globe, however I believe the industry has still got a long way to go. To truly be valued we should be observing those industries, organisations and people who are outside of our bubble. Then debating what we can learn from them to allow us to grow and be valued more. Maybe this way we will be attributed for our great work, in my experience we don’t market, insights well enough. Let’s think about how we can do that better.

There are a lot of fancy words out there and a lot of confusion around what we do and how we do it – not entirely inflicted on us by others but also created by us. So hopefully these articles are relatable, easy and fun for those within our industry and outside to read and relate to.

When I say ‘Insight Industry’ – I’m talking about those involved in using data to inspire change. That’s all of you who work in business intelligence, data analytics and market research and illicit change. If your job title is insight but you report data, this is not for you.

I myself have been an insight professional agency & client side as well as holding insight end user roles. I have developed into an insight professional who has combined an understanding of database analytics, reporting, market research & strategic thinking to provide fact based consultancy to the companies I have worked for.

Hopefully the articles that you read on this site are inspiring and more importantly provide the catalyst for a debate around a particular issue. Please do comment freely on your thoughts about the subject and how you view the debate. For those of you who would rather listen to the articles, a podcast/youtube video is also available to download or stream. Feel free to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms to debate the articles using #Insightbumble #MRX .

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  1. Rupesh, can we speak? We publish 3 research newsletters and produce the industry’s only daily research new video. Bob Lederer, rflbob@gmail.com, (847) 673-6284


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